Euroserver (EU Research Project)

The goal of the Euroserver EU-funded research project is to design and prototype technology, architecture, and systems software for the next generation of “Micro-Servers” to be used in building datacenters.

EUROSERVER aims to progress on the current state of the art in the following domains:

  • Reduced Energy consumption by: (i) using ARM (64-bit) cores, which are the world-leading low-power processors, (ii) drastically reducing the core-to-memory distance by using novel silicon interposer packaging technology, and (iii) improving on the “energy proportionality”.

  • Reduced Cost to build and operate each microserver, owing to (i) improved manufacturing yield when multiple small chiplets are placed on a large silicon interposer(2.5D) , and (ii) reduced physical volume of the packaged interposer module and (iii) and energy efficient semiconductor process (FDSOI) .

  • Better Software efficiency: Next Generation system SW that (i) manages the resources in a server that consists of multiple coherence-islands, and (ii) isolates and protects the multiple workloads from each other when they use the shared server resources of I/O, storage, memory, and interconnects.